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What is 5dollarlogos.com and how does it work?

bw5dollarlogos.com is the only site of its kind dedicated solely to logo design and other graphic design services. This amazing, new company will make it easy for people looking for logo development to find talented graphic designers who can deliver great work!

5dollarlogos.com is an innovative and exciting new freelance site featuring an elite group of quality graphic designers with a keen eye on building their portfolios and expanding their brand to multiple platforms. Because we focus primarily on logo & banner design (along with other related services) the marketing is tightly focused to a targeted group of clients seeking those specific services. This means greater visibility for both your brand and your talent in the following areas of expertise:

❖ Logo & Banner Design *
❖ Social Media Cover Page Design
❖ Business Card & Stationery Design
❖ Flyer & Handout Design
❖ E-book Cover Design

During this pre-launch phase, we’re simply looking for your honest feedback and evaluation of how we can maximize the benefits for you.

1. Register – Select register in the top right hand corner. Create a username and password. Or, register using one of your existing social media accounts (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram).
REMEMBER to include Paypal email address in your profile page.
2. Post your job – select “Post new job profile” in the top right. All job cost start at $5 but you control how many added services your job will include. You can add as many jobs as you want.
Best Practices: add any pictures or videos displaying your work.
3. Get Paid – users will be able to select the job you posted. Once users select your job, cost of your job will be deducted from buyer’s account and uploaded to 5dollarlogo.com’s account. Once you complete the work, your funds will be automatically submitted to the paypal account you listed. 5dollarlogos.com only takes a 10% commission. You get 90%. Other sites like fiverr take at least 15% of your earnings.

● TARGETED: Focused solely on logo & banner design and related services
● CLUTTER-FREE: No getting lost in the shuffle of multidisciplinary freelance sites
● MORE $$$ FOR YOU: Options for clients to add services or select from pre-populated services expand earning potential from $5 to a hundreds of dollars.

1. Register and Complete PayPal Information
2. Post Your Job(s) – (Hint: Add video and images to grab the attention of potential clients)
3. Get Paid! – Funds are automatically deposited to your PayPal account upon completion of the job.

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