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Top 7 Benefits of a Logo

bwbwWhen Apple commissioned its logo, the designer chose to create one with a bite taken out of it. According to folklore, the bite was to prevent customers from misinterpreting the logo as a cherry.  The graphic designer had no knowledge of computer terminology. The powers that be at Apple approved the design. The small detail of a bitten apple represented a double entendre, as bytes mean quite a bit to techies.

While Apple’s success can be attributed to many factors, its logo has become an icon that represents “…the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently…” As you can see, Apple’s simple logo speaks volumes. What does your logo say about your business?

Top 7 Benefits of a Logo

  1. A well designed logo can impact the business owner by maintaining your focus. The logo can summarize your business goals.
  2. Logos identify your brand. At a glance, your employees and customers can visually recognize your brand purpose, mission, and values.
  3.  As a visual, the logo communicates the values and principals of your business.
  4. Logos elicit emotion. The colors, fonts, and graphics weave together to capture the feeling of doing business with you.
  5. Influencer marketing is a buzzword used by internet marketing pros. Your logo influences customer’s perception. The logo will be seen in print, web, and email marketing. Make the right impression with a well designed logo.
  6. In web marketing, logos are pivotal to encourage engagement. When your customers can recognize your presence on the web, they are more likely to engage.
  7. Logos are recognizable and memorable representations of your business. Both your employees, customers, and potential customers will be reminded of your company’s mission– all in one glance.

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