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Graphic designers NEEDED for new website launch!

bwOur exciting new graphic designer marketplace site, 5dollarlogos.com (based in the U.S.) is in the pre-launch phase and we’re looking for talented designers to be first on board.

Similar to Fiverr, all jobs start at $5. We are looking for your feedback and because you would be among the first freelancers on the site, it will be 100% free for you for 90 days. No Fees! No Commissions! You will also be able to feature as many listings/jobs as you’d like to create free for the first 3 months. This will allow you to get hired quickly and be steps ahead of the competition when we formally launch.

Once we have enough qualified designers registered, we will start driving traffic to the site. This is a very exciting time for us!

Please consider joining us on this journey.

Please take a look through the site and register by following this link: http://5dollarlogos.com/wp-login.php?action=register .

Feel free each out to me personally at todd@5dollarlogos.com if you have any additional questions.

I’ve attached additional information below and look forward to having you on the team!

What is 5dollarlogos.com and how does it work?
5dollarlogos.com is an innovative and exciting new freelance site featuring an elite group of quality graphic designers with a keen eye on building their portfolios and expanding their brand to multiple platforms. Because we focus primarily on logo & banner design (along with other related services) the marketing is tightly focused to a targeted group of clients seeking those specific services. This means greater visibility for both your brand and your talent in the following areas of expertise:
• Logo & Banner Design *
• Social Media Cover Page Design
• Business Card & Stationery Design
• Flyer & Handout Design
• E-book Cover Design
During this pre-launch phase, we’re simply looking for your honest feedback and evaluation of how we can maximize the benefits for you.


1. Post Your Job(s)
2. Your Listings are Featured Free for 3 Months (non-featured listings are always free)
3. No Commissions or Fees Deducted for First 30 Days After Launch


• TARGETED: Focused solely on logo & banner design and related services
• CLUTTER-FREE: No getting lost in the shuffle of multidisciplinary freelance sites
• MORE $$$ FOR YOU: Options for clients to add services or select from pre-populated services expand earning potential from $5 to a projected average of $25 per client.


1. Register and Complete PayPal Information
2. Post Your Job(s) – (Hint: Add video and images to grab the attention of potential clients)
3. Get Paid! – Funds are automatically deposited to your PayPal account upon completion of the job.

Remember, the more people you’re in front of, the more you get seen and heard. By adding 5dollarlogos.com to your personal marketing plan, you’ll broaden your potential client base and expand your brand to new markets.

We’d love to have you join the team! For further details on how you can jump on board and take advantage of 100% commission free income in the first 30 days (and free Featured Listings for 3 months) contact us at: join@5dollarlogos.com. You can also reach me directly at todd@5dollarlogos.com

Sign up free today. Jobs are waiting for you!

Todd Johnson
Talent Acquisition

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